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How To Layer Necklaces

How To Layer Necklaces

By: Mikayla Di Panfilo

Layering and stacking jewelry is the go-to look many wearers try to achieve. With necklaces specifically, layering different pieces together can fulfill any look, all while keeping individuality. 

With recent trends in layering necklaces, some fun universal tips and tricks are great to keep in mind! 

  1. Match Pieces for the Desired Look 
  • Trying for a specific look to match an event or outfit will require particular pieces to come together. A silk dress for a nice dinner should lean towards subtle, thin pieces that keep the look dainty and light. 
  • An edgy look for a downtown excursion should pick out thicker pieces with different textures and lengths. 

  1. Include a Statement Piece 
  • Including a statement piece helps capture the attention of others to the main focus of one’s layered jewelry.
  • In doing so, any look stays fresh, fun and unique to the user.
  • Remember! A statement piece can range from a necklace with a simple pendant to large, oversized costume jewelry. 

  1. Experiment
  • The third and most important step is to experiment in your layering process! 
  • Combining different necklace styles, lengths and/or textures can add to any look 
  • Playing with contrasting metals and/or styles can help a wearer find what they feel most confident in 

Keep in mind the neckline of your top as different styles tend to look best with particular cut tops

All in all, jewelry is meant to enhance a look and boost one’s confidence! Have fun with your jewelry and find what best represents you and your style!