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How to Measure Your Waist Before Buying Body Jewelry

How to Measure Body Jewelry

Belly Chains are the perfect addition to any summer bikini look. This piece is becoming increasingly popular, leaving many wondering, how do I find the perfect size for my body.

Finding the ideal style

While some styles meet at the waist, others have features like an added dangle attached to the main chain. At Vellicora our belly chains have added pendants that are customizable to any style preferences. 

Using a measuring tape

A waist chain is most typically worn just above your hip bone. This would be the ideal place to measure the size of chain that would fit you best. It is completely dependant on where you would like the chain to sit. 

Key to successful measurements

Do not measure too loosely or tightly, leave room for approximately two fingers between your stomach and tape for an accurate result.

What size chain to get

After measuring the appropriate length around your hip bone and stomach it is suggested to size up approximately 0.5-2 inches larger than your waist. This allows for a hang that is not overly large or in some cases, not large enough.