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How to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing

How to prevent jewelry tarnishing

  • Where you store your jewelry

  • Somewhere clean and dry

    • Environments are extremely important when storing jewelry. Factors like air moisture and sunlight directly impact the condition of your jewelry. 

    Separate different metals

    • Different metals should be stored separately due to their possible reactions with one another. When in contact, their interactions may lead to tarnishing. 

    Closed containers

    • As mentioned prior, environment is crucial when storing jewelry. A closed container ensures minimal exposure to moisture or specs of dirt on your pieces while they are being stored.

  • Where you use your jewelry

  • Avoid wearing jewelry while in contact with water

    Water is one of the most common elements that lead to jewelry tarnishing. Water, and chemicals like chlorine and disinfectants typically associated with it are extremely efficient at tarnishing jewelry. The combination of the chemicals and metals leads to a reaction (known as rust or tarnish).

    Apply lotions before your jewelry

    The ingredients that are used to make moisturizers and creams create a reaction with jewelry, similar to the reaction mentioned with water. This reaction creates tarnish, and breaks away at the metals used to create your jewelry. Applying lotion prior to jewelry minimizes the quantity in direct contact with your pieces.