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Summer 2021 Necklace Trends

Spring Summer 2021 Necklace Trends

Looking to get some new pieces that can add to any outfit this spring/summer?

At Vellicora we took all trends and classics into consideration when introducing new pieces.

We have created a list of our Spring Summer 2021 favourite necklace trends:


While charms have always been a classic, they have truly made a comeback this year. Pendants can be the perfect way to add a little bling, or hint of personality to any piece. 

At Vellicora we offer a variety of pieces that are both simple, and unique.   

24k Gold Santorini Evil Eye Necklace



Pearls are a lovely example of a classic that is a continuously popular piece. Pearls are a stunning way to add a hint of elegance to your outfit, for any occasion. At Vellicora we offer three stunning necklaces, each unique in their own way, that feature pearls.

Gold-Plated Pearl Pendant                        Gold-Plated Pearl Necklace 

Freshwater Pearl Necklace



Beads are the perfect piece to add a hint of colour to any look. Beaded necklaces are most commonly used as a layering piece, which would blend with the necklaces paired with it. This simple style is effective at standing out and being seen. Beaded pieces are in best use when matched with other pieces in one’s outfit. Featured below is our Seabreeze Beaded Necklace in blue.