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Summer 2021 Ring Trends

Summer 2021 Ring Trends

For many rings are a staple accessory, they can be used to add some colour or shine to any look.

Stacking Rings

Over the past couple years ring stacking became increasingly popular. At Vellicora we offer many different pieces that when paired together are simply stunning.

Ring stacking allows for so much creativity and individuality. Each ring has its own beauty factor, and when stacked, has the power to shine even brighter. It is important to find individual pieces that you love, in hopes of a stunning blend.

Adding a hint of colour

A must-have this summer, as seen on Pinterest and Instagram frequently, are the chunky colourful rings currently trending. At Vellicora we took this trend and added quality, something commonly not found in trendy pieces. 

This style of ring is perfect at adding colour to any summer outfit, and or bathing suit. They come in 3 colours that we absolutely adore and hope you love to. 

Our Hints of Colour

Bold and classic pieces

Bold and classic pieces are a traditional must have, they work perfectly at making a statement.

Jewelry has the power to alter any fashion look, it speaks for itself in many regards. Classy rings will never go out of style, simply because they typically emphasize other pieces, rather than expressing a statement of its own. Bold pieces have the power to attract attention and introduce a hint of personality to any look. Bold pieces are extremely popular this season and we are living for it.